Small Group Physiotherapy

Small Group Physiotherapy is a form of exercise that is lead by one of our Physiotherapists and are a highly beneficial adjunct to your physiotherapy to further facilitate core stability, soft tissue flexibility, muscle strength or endurance, and promote correct movement patterns based on your individual requirements.

Health Fund Rebates

As our Small Group Physiotherapy services are developed and conducted by registered Physiotherapists, classes qualify for private health fund rebates.

Please speak with your health fund to see if you are eligible for a rebate under your policy.

Foundational Small Group Physiotherapy

These are our entry level classes. They are aimed at people who are in the rehabilitation phase of an injury, who are new to Small Group Physiotherapy and those whose are still to master basic activation of their core muscles. It is essential to establish a good foundation of core control prior to progressing to more challenging exercises.

General Conditioning

These classes are for clients who have established the technique of co-ordinating core muscle activation with breath control and movement. The difficulty level of exercises is increased to include whole body exercises in varied positions to further challenge the core stabilising muscles.

Small Group Physio +

Our advanced classes are for experienced Small Group Physiotherapy clients who have mastered core activation and require high level challenging exercises to continue to build on their whole body strength, control and mobility. This class would be perfect for clients who want to improve their sports performance or as an adjunct to other training or exercise.

Mums and Bubs Classes

These classes are suited to Mums with Bubs from 6 weeks to 8 months and they are a fantastic way to recover from vaginal or caesarean delivery. The classes focus on rehabilitating the muscles involved in pregnancy and delivery and help prepare you for the demands of motherhood and returning to more demanding exercise. We strongly recommend you have a Post Natal Assessment  with one of our physiotherapists to ensure correct activation of the Pelvic Floor and Transverse Abdominal muscles.

Check our our video below for some ideas on exercising with your baby!

Post Natal

At Kerin Physio Co, we have a special interest in Women’s health, and offer specific post natal Small Group Physiotherapy classes, designed for the unique needs of a post natal body. As Physiotherapists, we understand the common pathologies relating to your post natal body. Therefore we plan and structure our classes accordingly, to not only improve strength and endurance but also to improve and prevent any injuries you may be experiencing. For post natal mums, the classes help with labour recovery, reduce and repair stomach muscle separation, strengthen the pelvic floor and are tailored towards the physical demands of being a new mum, such as feeding, changing nappies, baby carrying etc.


For pre natal mums, the focus of these classes is to keep your core strong for labour, to strengthen your entire body, to help prevent or reduce back pain and pelvic instability, as well as maintaining strength and endurance in your pelvic floor. There is also a large educational component in our Pregnancy classes as we equip you with skills and knowledge regarding your body to aid you during child birth and beyond.

Check out the video below for some suggestions on sleeping positions when pregnant:


Private Classes

Our Small Group Physiotherapy courses or one-to-one sessions are unique in that we take a goal specific approach to your sessions. We spend an hour with you at your initial appointment to identify your goals and create your plan in preparation for your six-session course.

We cap our classes to small groups to ensure you receive the appropriate level of input, guidance, feedback, and education required. We are passionate about improvement and will liaise closely with you to ensure your sessions are assisting you achieve your goals.