5 star review  Rachel's knowledge of Physio has made her an amazing Pilates teacher. She pushes us to do what she knows we can but is also understanding when we struggle (and I certainly do!). Well done Rach on being a wonderful teacher - looking forward to hopefully doing more classes with you in the future xxx

    thumb Tracy Quilty

    5 star review  We are so fortunate to have someone of Rachel's calibre, knowledge and commitment in Parkes. I have undertaken a number of Kerin Physio Co.'s clinical Pilates terms to work on strengthening my core in the wake of ongoing back problems and am making real progress. Rachel's calming voice, professionalism and watchful eye ensure that we all get the best out of her classes. Being a Physiotherapist enables Rachel to work with individual strengths and capabilities in a safe manner to ensure that we all get the best out of her classes.

    thumb Kelly Atkinson Hendry

    5 star review  Words can't adequately express the gratitude I have towards the lovely Rachel and her off-siders. I have been struggling with nerve issues for months with pain, weakness and reduced range of motion, despite seeing doctors and other health practitioners. Since attending Rachel's Clinical Pilates classes, I have had unbelievable results, and been able to halve my pain medication. I am able to do things I haven't been able to in months! Not only is her depth of knowledge second to none, her happy and peaceful disposition will melt away any stress you may be holding. Definitely a case of good for the body, and good for the soul. To Rachel, I would like to say, thank you, thank you, thank you! Love your work, and so terribly sad the classes are nearly over.

    thumb Sandra Strudwicke

    5 star review  Rach is the bomb Diggadity. She knows her stuff back to front and is always up for a laugh. No matter how much I suck she adapts the exercises for me. They are small intimate classes so you get lots of attention to make sure you are doing it right. Can not recommend the class enough.

    thumb Kellie Walker

    5 star review  Wonderful classes tailored to specific needs. I look forward to my class all week. Rach is so friendly and knowledgeable. The emails & education is also an amazing bonus!

    thumb Kasie Ferguson

    5 star review  Rachel is an absolutely fantastic instructor and is totally lovely! I can't recommend her Pilates sessions more! Go get yourselves booked up for a better and stronger body and mind!!

    thumb Ellie Fletcher

    5 star review  I have been attending the Kerin Physio clinical pilates class this term, and at only halfway through I am already finding my muscles are stronger and I am learning so much about myself. Rachel a fantastic teacher and the follow through during the week with newsletters and take home cheat sheets is just what we need. The classes are challenging without being too difficult, and Rachel makes the classes fun and informative. I will be back next term.

    thumb Carmen Gould

    5 star review  I'm loving the pregnancy classes and learning the importance of correct posture. What you learn in the classes really do make you more aware of your own body and carries through in to 'real life'. I look forward to the classes each week, as they can certainly challange me! I will definitely be attending any post natal sessions that come along! Thank you Rachel!

    thumb Karin Murray

    5 star review  Thoroughly recommend Kerin Physio Co. Clinical Pilates, especially to Mums and their "post baby bodies"! The sessions are allowing me to focus on those muscles that have been neglected, specifically helping to renew my core. Sessions are logically and intentionally sequenced, and Rach's passion, knowledge and enthusiasm make her a great teacher. Looking forward to attending the rest of this terms sessions! �

    thumb Rob N Sarah Watt

    5 star review  Rachel has re-motivated and given me the confidence to get back to what I enjoy after the roller coaster of having kids and subsequent challenges that presents. Classes are fun, challenging and in my household attendance is not negotiable. After being told I might never run again and now nearly back at the point that I can, Rachel's guidance in weekly classes on core strength is making a difference in my world.

    thumb Katrina Swift